Leveraging proprietary, breakthrough risk and vulnerability assessment technologies, Edge Point Global delivers comprehensive organizational safety solutions achieving the highest level of adoption, retention and effectiveness for your organization.

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Security Consulting

Uncovering potential risks and vulnerabilities other approaches fail to identify

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Security Integration

Implementing solutions that reduce risk effectively and efficiently

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Training Services

Improving workplace climate by protecting against liability and compliance concerns

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Client Spotlight & Featured Industries

WXIA-TV (11Alive) is an award winning Tegna, Inc. company, and is Atlanta’s dominant broadcast and digital media company.  11Alive focuses on serving the greater good of the Atlanta community and constantly challenges the status quo and prides itself on “holding the powerful accountable.”  The station employs more than 200 men and women that deliver award winning new productions along with unparalleled results for local and national advertisers.

We hire consultants for sales and operations, so why wouldn’t we bring in consultants to keep our most valued asset, our people safe?

11Alive entered into the Edge Point Global engagement not knowing exactly what to expect, but the level of detail and their professional training programs exceeded all my leadership team’s expectations.  Looking back I now realize just how important creating a safe work environment is and what a positive impact it can have.

-John Deushane, President & General Manager WXIA/WATL Atlanta

Satcom Direct (SD) offers world-class global communications services, support, and technology to business and general aviation, military, government, emergency response, media, and others who depend on reliable, global communications. 

As a fast-growing global technology company Satcom lacked the time, resources and expertise to effectively establish workplace security programs to effectively protect our company and its people.  Edge Point Global’s custom tailored programs have significantly impacted Satcom’s culture and employee family safety world-wide.

-Jim Jensen, Chairman and CEO, Satcom Direct

security consulting policy assessment

Edge Point Global has developed and delivered demographic specific personal awareness, cyber-security and threat avoidance programs to prepare Accounting and Finance Professionals for the risks they face on a daily basis. The Edge Point Accounting and Finance Professionals program has been designed for industry professionals at all levels. Each program is uniquely tailored to provide industry professionals with the knowledge and basic techniques needed to address risks and protect themselves in a variety of circumstances and situations inherent to the profession.

real estate security

Edge Point Global’s trainers have developed and delivered demographic specific personal awareness and threat avoidance programs to protect Real Estate Professionals from the risks they face on a daily basis.  The Edge Point Real Estate Safety and Security program has been delivered to Brokers, Agents and other industry professionals at all levels.  Each program is specifically designed to provide Agents and Brokers with the knowledge and basic techniques needed to remain safe and protect themselves in a variety of circumstances and situations inherent to the profession.

security services for schools

In collaboration with local law enforcement and community stakeholders, Edge Point Global’s trainers has delivered Active Shooter – Train the Trainer programs that protect students and faculty of public school systems in various cities across the country from violent incidents.  Each course is developed and delivered in a way that helps students and staff effectively respond and take the correct course of action during an Active Shooter incident.

healthcare facility security assessment

Active shooter events in a healthcare environment provides challenges that are unique and often complicated.  Caregivers are faced with making decisions not only for themselves but also for patients, visitors and another staff.  To address the complexities of healthcare safety Edge Point Global delivers training programs designed for the health-care industry including qualification and selection criteria of security department candidates, firearm proficiency, active shooter and workplace violence training and Use of Force training.

protect against threats near places of worship

By their very nature, churches and other places of worship are welcoming places that feed the spirit, but are increasingly becoming soft targets for violence.  Edge Point Global’s Place of Worship programs are developed to fit the needs of both larger metropolitan churches as well as smaller rural places of worship.  Each program is developed with the goal of delivering a comprehensive security program focused on supporting and augmenting the needs of existing church security teams.  The Edge Point program includes plan development, selection of security team members, site assessments, threat identification, development of the appropriate level of response, recovery after a crisis, understanding the impact on the church’s ministry and the community, and reducing future liability.